Surfing has been a passion for me, for years.

When I was a boy, fascinated by these few people who surfed the spots of “La Centrale”, “La Piste” and the Santocha in Capbreton, I thought that one day, I, too, would "walk" on the water.

Since 1976, I surf.

Activity practiced by some "rebels", in these beginnings, surfing was above all, a real pleasure of gliding, a form of rejection of society, while respecting this element. The ocean that transmits its strength and power.

Today the spirit of surfing is diverted by advertising on different medium: car, tire, perfume, drink, candies, etc ... Marketing uses the image of surf which is synonymous with tolerance, respect, communion & harmony with nature.

Unfortunately, it is enough to see the frequentation of spots, the deleterious atmosphere that emerges to realize that we are far from this spirit that everyone claims. Surfer is, above all, the real pleasure of being able to surf the swell, to use the power of the wave and to be in harmony with nature.

The ocean gives you a lot during a session, so when you come out of the water pick up, on the beach the garbage you meet, take care of this fragile environment every day, respect it. This gesture is simple and effective. You enjoy, you regenerate, you leave nature, energized for the rest of your day. Be in phase with the ocean, it will give you back ...

Originally from South Africa, the country's world surfing champion in 1977, Shaun Tomson, DEREVKO wetsuits designs suits for all types of water sports, warm, comfortable, flexible designed for your enjoyment of gliding.

Good surf with your DEREVKO!

Edward Duvert - DEREVKO Europe